Advocacy Training

Advocacy Training


Advocacy Training


One-day, two-days or even half a day if time is tight.


We run our courses in the offices of our clients however, an external site can be sourced by us.

Learning outcomes

Catering for the not-for-profit sector and priced accordingly, this course shows participants some winning advocacy campaigns and trains them to design and implement an advocacy campaign for their organisation or area of interest.

Key learning areas

Topics Include:

  • Analysing the viability of an advocacy campaign
  • Funding an advocacy campaign
  • Choosing the approach of your campaign
  • Finding the right people to support your campaign
  • Developing a comprehensive advocacy campaign
  • Framing the message ever so carefully
  • Running the campaign as a project
  • Getting the timing right and seizing opportunities
  • Understanding the trade-off between objectivity and subjectivity
  • Managing crises during a campaign
  • Liaising with the media during your campaign
  • Measuring the results of your campaign.

Major benefits of the course

Business benefits of this course include:

  • Improved advocacy performance and productivity
  • A tangible return on training investment
  • Competitive advantage due to excellent outbound and inbound communication
  • Increase in reputation and word of mouth referrals
  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increased success rate of project and proposal signoffs
  • Streamlined advocacy processes and training knowledge.

Finer points

The finer points of this course include:

  • It can be delivered anywhere in Australia or internationally
  • Anyone at any career level can attend the course and benefit from it
  • All participants receive a colour certificate on completion
  • There is ample time for discussion, interaction and individual attention
  • The course is delivered by experts in the subject matter
  • Hands-on exercises and tasks  are customised to the everyday roles of participants
  • A comprehensive manual that is an excellent resource post-training
  • Contemporary training methodologies and adult learning principles are utilised
  • The trainers deliver the material in an engaging and inclusive style.

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