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Workplace Skills


Workplace Skills Training


One-day, two-days or even half a day if time is tight.


We run our courses in the offices of our clients however, an external site can be sourced by us.


This course is delivered as part of organisational change, after mergers and acquisitions, as professional development, as a component of team building and to streamline corporate standards. Our biggest successes have been when the training was run as part of induction presentations and graduate trainee programs.

This course is geared towards entry-level employees, particularly graduate recruits, however it is also beneficial for organisations going through cultural change or when organisational behaviour needs to be re-visited. It is particularly helpful for field workers moving into management roles. We don’t preach or prescribe, we guide with good grace. Our generic course can be modified to elements within your organisation, including the adherence of workplace policies.

Learning outcomes

Most people know that in a highly competitive world, it is often the little things that distinguish business success from business failure.

Manners, integrity, professional relationships and business behaviour are often what counts when a client is about to sign off on a project.

The learning outcomes of this course are for participants to be better informed of workplace behaviour expectations and know how to operate appropriately in the workplace.

Key learning areas

Topics include:

  • Defining politeness and courtesy in the contemporary business world
  • Understanding why it’s important to have good business manners
  • The art of a professional introduction
  • Appropriate clothing for the workplace
  • Hygiene standards in the workplace
  • Carrying a comb, cash, a tissue and other survival items
  • Addressing cultural issues and workplace behaviour
  • Entertaining clients and colleagues in public and in private
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Meeting protocols and team member conventions
  • Dealing with financial transactions with clients and colleagues
  • Communicating effectively in the workplace by thinking before speaking
  • Taking care of yourself in the workplace
  • Putting your best foot forward in the workplace
  • Remembering what people remember
  • Making decisions about boasting or being indiscreet
  • Recovering from mistakes in the manners department
  • Furthering your career in a positive way by displaying integrity and honesty, even when it’s tough
  • Maintaining personal and business relationships
  • Saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • Wrapping it up – you can be successful in business and also be polite!

Major benefits of the course

Business benefits of this course include:

  • Improved business performance and productivity
  • A tangible return on training and recruitment investment
  • Competitive advantage due to excellent outbound and inbound communication
  • Increase in reputation and word of mouth referrals
  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention
  • Smoother internal operations
  • Streamlined workplace processes and training knowledge
  • Potential decrease in litigious activity, and governance and compliance indiscretions.

Finer points

The finer points of this course include:

  • It can be delivered anywhere in Australia or internationally
  • Anyone at any career level can attend the course and benefit from it
  • All participants receive a colour certificate on completion
  • There is ample time for discussion, interaction and individual attention
  • The course is delivered by experts in the subject matter
  • Hands-on exercises and tasks are customised to the everyday roles of participants
  • The comprehensive manual is an excellent resource post-training
  • Contemporary training methodologies and adult learning principles are utilised
  • The trainers deliver the material in an engaging and inclusive style.

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